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SLSGROUPS operate 6 core functions, specialising in sourcing products through robust procurement methods and a network of 200 worldwide manufactures. Our 6 core functions include Furniture (Manufactured in the UK), Logistics & Storage, Consumables, Office Equipment including electronics, Consultancy and most recently Signage & Printing services. Find out more about us by clicking below.

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PRODUCTION, Supply, delivery and install

Look over our list of specialist products and services for larger contracts B2B


transport, logistics & storage

Looking for transport services? Delivery of your goods or maybe storing items? find out how we can do this for you.



Project Management, Business Development, Marketing and Process Improvement is what we do best, find out how we an help you.


“We promise to give you the best services and products when you work with us, our team are dedicated to making sure we aim to achieve 100% satisfaction throughout your journey with us.”

Omar Anwar – MD

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